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Mona systems ensure that water and nutrients are delivered in the right quantity directly to the root of the plant. They also help reduce your liquid fertilizer usage by up to 75%. We supply a range of sizes for different containers from small pots to large troughs. The reservoir works on the principal of capillary action with water being drawn into the soil around the roots.

For larger projects, MONA Link Systems provide easy subterranean irrigation. Ideal for shallow planting environments, link systems can handle curves, odd shaped beds and gradients.

With the help of a flexible connector/fill tubes, plant medium capillaries and level indicator wands a well placed link system takes the guess work out of the most complex landscaping projects.

Benefits of using a reservoir

The reservoir saves time and money and guarantees an optimal growth environment for your plants.

  • Saves water
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Keeps plants watered while you are away
  • Bigger, healthier plants
  • Prevent water stains on hard landscaping
  • Reduce fertiliser usage