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zinc-plantersZinc tall cube

Zinc Planters

Zinc is a perfect complement to either contemporary or traditional architecture. Naturally zinc is grey but once it is exposed to the elements, it becomes weathered and starts changing from the metal grey to a beautiful grey-white that resembles old lead, although variations in colour can occur depending on the outdoor climate.

We also offer a pre-weathered version with a hard brushed finish in dark grey.

Their lighter weight makes them ideal for roof tops and balconies as well as larger sizes of several styles can be made to order with the zinc material being a clad layer with an integrated supporting structure. As a soft material, slight dents and scratches can occur during usage, however this adds t o the aged look of zinc.

Zinc has extremely long service life and the surface of the zinc sheet naturally oxidises to thin stable layer that does not rust and require any maintenance.

*Standard lip 20mm

*Dimensions quoted are external