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Seamed Galvanised Steel Planters

Our range of galvanised steel planters are designed to be used for gardens, roof terraces and exterior landscaping projects. As sheet metal is versatile and can be cut to virtually any size, galvanised containers can be used for small or large planting areas.

Galvanised steel is supplied in bright or spangled (Etched) pre-galvanised sheet steel. Once in situ, the container will dull down over time to form an ages silver patina that provides an effective industrial look to the containers.

The planters are inclusive of drainage holes. We recommend a polymer liner for the container as this will prevent internal corrosion.

Galvanised planters are fantastic because they look modern and they last very long due to the material. They generally don't require much maintenance throughout the years and they are hardwearing even while situated in the most strenuous of places.

Custom made galvanised planters can be designed to any customer specifications. Galvanised Troughs can be manufactured up to 3m in length and we also provide delivery throughout the UK.

Please note items are handmade. Galvanised sheet steel will dull down over time. Industrial Galvanized sheets are not supplied with a backing material; therefore minor scratches will be evident. Please opt for stainless steel for a smooth finish.

Our standard range of galvanised steel planters are manufactured using a lock and form method where by the sheet metal is folded into the shape and is then riveted on the lip of container. We can offer a seamless finish to our planters which will give you a smooth finish which can make it water tight and more visually pleasing.



*Lock and Form Seamed Weld tolerance between 3-5mm

*Welded Seamless tolerance between 2-3mm

*Standard lip 20mm

*Dimensions quoted are external

  • Galvanised trough with flat base

  • Galvanised troughs with seams and a recesed base

  • Galvanised trough with a flat base

  • Galvanised large trough with a ply bracing

  • Galvanised trough with a recessed base and a support brace

  • Galvanised trough with channel supported base with for lift access

  • Galvanised trough with channel feet

  • Galvanised Trough set

  • Galvanised planters on a rooftop terrace


  • Galvanised planters on a rooftop terrace


  • galvanised window boxes

    Galvanised planters on a rooftop terrace