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Window Box Planters

We offer a range of Bespoke Window Box planters. Custom made Window Box planters can be designed to any customer specifications. Window Box Planters can be manufactured up to 3m in length and we also provide delivery throughout the UK. Please contact us for further information.

We also offer the option of watertight & non-watertight containers within the galvanised range.

Window Box planters are very popular and they offer a tranquil area for you to relax into. As we can produce custom sized planters to your specification, it makes for an ideal solution to get some plants and greenery onto your Window Box garden. We also supply brackets with our custom window boxes.

Please allow between 14-21 days for delivery as items are made to order.

folded construction containers

Fully welded containers. 3mm - 5mm Containers
option galvanised liners
adjustable feet
raised base for forklift
polyethene lined
range of RAL or Metallic Finishes
optional water reservoir

Send us your design via email or fax.