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Zintec Steel Powder Coated Planters

Tree & Modular Planters

BSPOKE design are able to manufacture large modular containers for areas of planting beds which have a mix of trees and shrubs. This can be manufactured in a single piece or can be made up by lining sectional containers which are assembled on site. This is recommended for containers larger than 2 x 2m square or long section troughs. With weight being an important factor, the containers must be strong enough to contain the soil, water and plants.

The containers can include braces internally and a strong supporting base. We are also able to raise the containers to provide forklift access or set the containers on a plinth.

Our modular planters allow for intricate sizes planter designs which extend beyond our normal sizes. Each modular unit is designed to fit perfectly with one another and if you decided you wanted a change, you can always add/remove/move the units to create a whole new look and experience.

As each unit slots together, the possibilities are endless. From a simple modular height adjustable planters to a length adjustable planter, you get to pick and choose what parts to add.

Zintec Steel Powder Coated Planters

This is just an example of our bespoke modular planters whereby the length can be made longer by adding or removing sections to suit the area you wish to use. This can also be used to make shapes by moving pieces around.

Our bespoke modular planters can also make for cost effective solutions for large planting areas. Due to there being less material per section, the sizes can be bigger and because the sections interlock next to each other it can form very large planters.

The same goes for if weight is an issue (for rooftop gardens for instance). Because there is less material being used, then there is less weight to worry about.

Zintec Steel Powder Coated PlantersThree piece section corten trough – self assembly

So if you have large long areas to cover, get in contact with us and we will be able to advise the best solution to suit your situation.